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San Giobbe


Red table wine

The cult of Giobbe was deeply embedded in Brianza, this is testified by the many votive frescoes dedicated to him in the farmhouses and rural courtyards, like the beautiful mural of La Costa.

In the local tradition, Giobbe was depicted as an old austere man near a mulberry tree, surrounded by silkworms; the brianzoli peasants had elected him as the Saint protector of silkworm breeding, a fundamental agricultural activity in Lombardy at the beginning of 1900s.


Pinot Nero


Vinification and ageing for 12 months in durmast vats, 3 months in concrete tanks. Bottled for at least 6 months.


6000 bottles

Tasting notes:

Our Pinot Nero characterises itself by the intense perfumes of small fruits and floral notes. When tasted it’s “sweet” and long-lasting, supported by a good tannin; presenting itself “on the tips of it’s toes”, hiding it’s structure behind it’s elegance.

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