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Prati Magri

Prati Magri was born from the friendship of two women: Beatrice and Claudia, agricultural entrepreneurs in the Valle del Curone. Their idea comes from a strong passion for the territory in which they live and work, the Valle del Curone.

A path of revaluation of spontaneous and aromatic herbs, including the traditional product of rosemary.

Thus was born the first line of products that includes:

  • face cream
  • body milk
  • soap hands
  • body cocoa butter

The body line is produced and tested to offer the benefits of honey and rosemary.

Honey, a natural product par excellence, has moisturizing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Rosemary has purifying, toning and revitalizing properties.

A perfect combination, to wich Organic certification adds a great value.

Prati Magri has about 2,500 plants of Rosemary and 60 hives.

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Tom Time


We live the Curone Valley , inside the regional Park of Montevecchia and Valle del Curone, for years, daily, we are in love with it and know all characteristics and peculiarities of this territory.

At the end of 2016, after a converstion with Giacomo Mojoli, born the idea to experiment a new gin realize with some botanical from this area, Rosemary is one of these.
In the spring 2017 we start to collect, dry, distil, soak and do a lot of test (at least 40)…until we found the balance we’re searching for.

The first production of 2.000 bottles starts in 2018.


Spruce wood and cypress cones   
bring balsamic component,  complexity and persisten aroma.

Rosemary (Rosmarino di Montevecchia)
brings Meditarranean flair.

Regina dei prati or Filipendula Olmaria
a rare spontaneous herb, with a particular floral flair, a mix of balsamic and mediterranean flair.

purity and concentration of juniper emphasises the typical gin character.


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Tom Time Gin

Extra-virgin Olive Oil

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