EXPO Milan 2015


Soft poached egg with potato puree and foam of quartirolo cheese
Selva BIO eggs – La Gramola Morbegno farm  (SO)  www.uovodiselva.it
Quartirolo cheese – Invernizzi e Rota  Pasturo – Valsassina (LC)
Boil the potatoes and make a puree by adding water and milk. Poach an egg and set aside. Melt the cheese in milk that has been preheated to 70 °C. Assemble the dish.

Marinated trout with apple salad
Trout – Trota Valsassina  –  Primaluna  (LC)
Ancient variety of apples and celery – Pioppo Tremulo farm  – Brivio (LC)
EXTRAVIRGIN olive oil from Perledo – Lake Como  www.oliodiperledo.com
Marinate the trout fillets in sea salt, sugar cane and citrus fruit peel for 3 to 4 hours till the meat becomes firm. Rinse under water then pat dry, serve with the apple salad, celery, a pinch of salt,  pepper and oil.

Pumpkin gnocchi served with butter, sage and pancetta
Pumpkins – La Costa farm – Perego  (LC)  www.la-costa.it
Pumpkins– Pioppo Tremulo farm – Brivio (LC)
Pancetta – Agr. Pozzi Silvana farm – Correzzana (MB)
Steam the pumpkin for about 20 minutes then blend, knead with egg, flour type “00” and grana cheese. Make the gnocchi with a spoon and put into salted boiling water. Flavour with butter, grana cheese, sage, cooked pancetta and crushed amaretti biscuits according to taste.

Traditional casseoula, Savoy cabbage and pork chops
Pork chops, rind and verzino sausage
Pozzi Silvana farm – Correzzana (MB)
Savoy cabbage – La Costa farm – Perego (LC) www.la-costa.it and Pioppo Tremulo farm– Brivio (LC)

Parboil the pork rind and cook the verzino sausage, set aside. Sauté the pork chops in butter with finely chopped onion, celery and carrots. Add the rind, a splash of red wine and a teaspoon of concentrated tomato for colour.  After about an hour add the previously washed cabbage which has been chopped into strips, cook for another hour. Assemble the dish with the verzino sausage.

Apple tart with elderflower custard

Ancient variety of apples – Pioppo Tremulo farm  – Brivio (LC)
Elderflower syrup – La Costa farm – Perego (Lc)

Whisk the eggs whilst adding sugar and yeast, then add oil, melted butter and milk. Combine the flour and apple chopped into small chunks, cook at 180° in the oven for about 50 minutes. Decorate the dish with the elderflower custard.