Brianza, our territory

Curone Park

natural oasis in Lombardy

in the silence and discover
pleasant walks , forgetting
the hectic pace
of the city ,
indeed ,
is two steps from us .

The Lake

A few steps from Lake Como, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes experiencing one of the numerous cruise lines that go across its waters, passing by lakeshore villages, antique mansions and botanical gardens

The Mountain

Valsassina an area that offers many opportunities to live winter and summer sports in touch with nature


fashion, shopping, design, architecture, parks, restaurants

..and from above it is even more beautiful!

You just need to go upwards the Cathedral’s balcony or the roof of the Vittorio Emanuele II’s roof to gaze upon a large part of Milan. Notice modern buildings rising among the Cathedral’s columns and discover the outline of the Alps. You will surely fall in love with such a scenery, specially during sunset.


It’s both old and new Stop by the contemporary Lower City and don’t forget to visit the Upper City, with its medieval walls and ancient houses. Both sides of Bergamo enclose charm and history, complementing each other in perfect harmony.


San Pellegrino Terme

spa resort inserted into the mountainous scenery of the Val Brembana


Its fenced Park is among the largest in Europe,

Once inside, pay a visit to the famous Autodrome. It is one of the oldest permanent circuits in the world

Not very far from there we find the Royal Villa, a splendid neoclassical style manor with a magnificent view of its gardens. It harbors the Museum of Design as well, showcasing over 200 items that celebrate Italian artisanal skill.

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